Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sir David Attenborough on God

He was commenting on the BBC budget cuts in the Natural History Unit. When asked about why he never mentions God on his programs, he responded as follows...

"Sir David said: “I tend to think of an innocent little child sitting on the bank of a river in Africa, who’s got a worm boring through his eye that can render him blind.

“Now, presumably you think this Lord created this worm, just as he created the hummingbird. I find that rather tricky.”"


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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Please Pray!

Our friend, Gillian will be undergoing surgery tomorrow 1pm (GMT) to remove the cyst as well as a radical hysterectomy at the same time (radical = both the ovary and uterus will be removed).

In her words, "My dreams of children have been shelved for now and getting though this has become my prime goal. As my doctor said, 'This time it is about growing old together'. After the surgery, the cyst will be tested and if it is malignant, then I will have to undergo a few more sessions of chemotherapy."

She has been fighting cancer for well over 2 years now and your prayers are much appreciated!

Love you, Gill!

I like this type of thinking!

Thanks to Hamo for these words - link

"Here’s a first thought that began percolating in my head…

Simon mentioned how we now live in privatopia where everyone occupies their own little piece of suburbia and hides behind the rollerdoor on the garage. Neighbours are much like rare animals - sighting are infrequent and when they do occur people aren’t sure what to do.

Simon writes of the days when the front porch was common - when houses had large front porches so people could hang out the front and connect with each other. When the pace of life was slower and people seemed to value the neighbourhood. I’m too young to know if this romanticised, but I like the concept…

Of course, this has now been replaced with the ‘alfresco’ area in the rear for private entertaining. We live in the back yard rather than the front. Privacy has overtaken any kind of engagement.

I started to wonder…

How would it be if houses began to be designed with huge front verandahs? What if building companies and developers started to re-invent the front porch? Or even more amusing… what if a group of us ‘invaded a suburb’ - the same street even - and built houses with big front verandahs and lived ‘out the front’ quite intentionally."

Monday, January 07, 2008

5 dangerous things you should let your kids do!

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